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Thank you for visiting Trinity United Security Services.  Trinity United Security Services was created with the sole purpose of providing Quality Security Services by screening the best possible security candidates, effectively training all new candidates with consistent training throughout employment, supervising security officers out in the field, and finally communicating consistently with our customers to meet their security needs. 

The owner and founder of Trinity United Security Services has two decades of experience in providing extensive security services to the following types of customers, School Districts, Convention Centers, Government Contracted Facilities, Hotels, Food Processing Plants, Production Facilities, Gated Communities, Apartment Communities, Home Owner Associations, Shopping Centers, Distribution Centers, Outlet Centers, Malls, Clothing Stores, Condo Communities, Restaurants, Upscale Luxury Living Towers, Fast Food Chains, Special Event Security, City Contracts, and Construction Sites. 

Trinity United Security Services will provide articulate, courteous, efficient, and professional Tennessee Licensed security officers to our clients. Trinity United Security Services utilizes advanced technology to efficiently manage our field staff and provide our customers with accountability. Our state of the art technology allows for GPS Live Tracking on all handheld devices as well as real time reporting with proprietary access given to our valued clients.

Our management team remains highly involved throughout the contract with our customers creating optimal security solutions and ensuring ongoing satisfaction. 

Every account is assigned an account manager who will be personally involved in the creation of property instructions and implementation, security personnel selection, training of security officers, along with monthly visits for quality assurance. 

Knoxville, TN


Trinity United Security Services 

Private Protective Services Contract Security Company: License number# 13300 

State of Tennessee, Department of Commerce and Insurance 

You will not find a better quality, affordable security solution in Tennessee.  We are very grateful for your time and consideration.  Please contact us here.


We use smart phones and tablets with quick and simple drop down reporting menus to streamline the reporting, maximize on site visibility, and reduce your risk and liability.

Instead of traditional hand written DARs our officers are provided varied reporting options that enable them to report easily throughout their shift.

•	Issue types can be completely customized and worded for your industry and specific property.

•	 Incidents reported can trigger a notification to the necessary parties at your choosing (i.e. managers, maintenance supervisors or teams, and issue specific vendors).

•	All issues are prioritized based on the scope of service at each property and according to your needs.

Here’s a brief overview of how Trinity United Security Service’s 

unique software utilizes the latest technologies and integrates them 

into practical and functional solutions that will make your job 

easier. Trinity United Security Services is the future of security guard management in Tennessee. Our team of professionals utilizes the most advanced technology perfectly suited for guards, personnel, supervisors, dispatchers and administrators. Vetted by industry leaders, accessible on any smartphone device, and built to reduce your liability and increases efficiently.

Affordable, reliable, security solutions our security officers utilize effective technology making the clients job easier



Without insight into officer performance, security
managers are flying blind. Supervisors can’t be
everywhere at once, and accountability gets worse
as operations scale up.


  1. Monitor security guards with real-time GPS tracking
  2. Receive instant alerts when guards fail to meet post requirements
  3. Use digital guard tour checkpoints to ensure that their team is on-location and on-task


Issue Summary Reporting

 An Issue Summary Report is used for all security, maintenance, and/or parking issues submitted within a certain time frame. 

This is a great way to see what incidents are trending, and how much work our security guards are completing on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. 

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